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Spark Mi Up

Once your eye care practitioner has finished your exam and has written you an updated spectacle prescription, the next step is often picking out a new pair of glasses. Traditionally, you spend time with an optician that will guide you in selecting a frame and lens design that will best suit your needs. Once selected, the optician performs a few measurements to ensure that you will have the best vision possible, and the most functional experience. In the past these measurements were either taken by hand or by other devices.


At Reno Family Eye Care we have integrated one of the newest, digital devices into this process to provide the most accurate and functional care. Spark Mi Up is a touch-free, smart, compact optical measurement tool that looks like an ordinary tabletop mirror. It quickly and effectively takes your optical measurements with just 1 image. The convenience of this image is that our opticians have a snapshot of all the measurements at once, which leaves out the guesswork for the lab in interpreting how a frame should function with a given prescription on each individual patient. These measurements are truly custom, like a suit is by a tailor. In the world of digital and custom lenses, several measurements are necessary to provide the best visual experience possible, and the Spark Mi Up is a quick and efficient way to accomplish this. Spark Mi up also allows the optician to educate our patients on what sets a digital lens apart from conventional lenses.

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