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Fall Fashion Trends

Fashion and lifestyle blog 'Eyecessorize' has released the 2017 Fall Trends alert! Want to know what's hot this season? Read on....

  • Ath-leisure: A blend of althletic and fashion frames. No need to stick with your classic sport-wrap sunnies this season. Versatile, sporty looks are blending the lines between fashion and athletic-inspired looks. Look for colors that pop.  If you want to personalize your style, remember that we can do a custom flash-mirror colored coating on your sunglasses!

    shop2 1Maui Jim

  • Elemental tones and textures: Think wood-grain, and earthy tones like sky-blue, olive green, and coffee tones. Interesting accents like ombre colors and watercolor prints soften these looks.487471 10151513716594793 644172177 nProDesign Denmark
  • High-fashion: Designers will never be told to stay within normal boundaries. They are always looking for the next bold look. Think neons, gemstones, studs, and un-tried silhouettes.


  • Posh class: Professionalism with style in rich tones or metallics. Think glamorous geometric shapes and studious flair.

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